About Us

Why Aschenti Cocoa? In 1871, when the Netherland brought back cacao trees from the Maya and Aztec people, the Ashanti people were the first cacao growers in Africa. They were known to be rigorous and well invested in their farms. They had a specific way of growing cacao, and one method to produce their cacao with only natural products. We want to build on the Ashanti people’s values, to improve your life. Because you matter. Unlike every other artisan chocolatier who simply gets pre-made chocolate and mould it, what makes our chocolates matchless is the fact that we are fully controlling each step of the process, from the farm to the bar, improving quality and quantity: you experience a pure chocolate. Aschenti Cocoa is about keeping the Ashanti people’s tradition and values by using natural products. It’s about going back to the roots and preserving that legendary way of life, and the result is a unique chocolate, without additives, a rich and virtuous chocolate. With the ultimate goal of restoring a balance between the farmers; who are paying their lives to produce a pure cacao and consumers paying high cost to experience unique flavours. Our slogan is simple: from Nature to Perfection!